Firstly, I would like to say a huge congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! With those adorable tiny hands and feet, and a delicate, loveable face, capturing this moment is a true delight. A photoshoot would be the perfect opportunity to mark this occasion. So, what happens during a newborn baby photoshoot? In this blog, I will explore the commonly asked questions I get presented with.

At the time of booking a newborn photoshoot, you may be deep in nappies, and constantly feeding. I’m sure you are experiencing a severe lack of sleep, too. Perhaps you are feeling anxious and unsure of what to expect during the shoot. Allow me to put your worries at ease.

When is the best time for my newborn baby photoshoot? and when should I book?

Newborn photography sessions range from 6 days old to 6 weeks old. The ideal age is between 7-21 days old. Although babies over 3 weeks old can still have wonderful newborn sessions, so please don’t think you have missed the boat. It is advisable to book the session after your 12 week scan. I usually book sessions in 10 days after your due date, then if you let me know as soon as baby arrives or if baby is more than 5 days late then we can rearrange the date of the session to suit you.

Older abay in newborn photshoot

Older newborn baby

What do I need to bring with me?

You need to bring your baby essentials such as nappies and bottles if bottle feeding. You should also bring a change of clothing in case of an accident, a pacifier if you are using one and snacks. I will provide hot drinks during natural breaks. Basically, anything you would need to bring with you if going out anywhere else. As for everything else to do with the photos, I have everything we will need including a selection of props, wraps, headbands etc here. You may own a special item, such as a blanket or teddy that you may wish to have in the photos.

Can other family members or siblings be included in the photos?

Yes absolutely! I love capturing the bond between parents, little siblings and the latest addition to the family. We allow plenty of time in the session to capture these images. The newborn mini session is a much shorter , more simplified session and unfortunately there is no time for siblings and parent shots.

Siblings and parenst in newborn baby photoshoot

Parents and siblings

What will happen when we arrive?

You will be greeted with a warm welcome and made to feel at home. Whilst you settle in, we will set up and get your baby undressed and wrapped up warm ready for a feed. Ideally, you will feed baby on arrival, so hold off the feeding if possible as long as baby is happy to do so. This allows us to get baby settled in the new environment. Once you are relaxed and comfortable, we will get started with the photoshoot. Fear not, I will take care of it all, so you can truly put your feet up and relax.

What happens if my baby is crying during the photoshoot?

The main thing is for your baby to feel safe, and secure and have their needs met. Therefore, if your baby needs feeding or a nappy change, that is no problem at all and certainly no rush, I allow plenty of time for the shoot. I have photographed hundreds of babies in my time. I spend plenty of time cuddling and soothing baby and have often been called the baby whisperer as I am experienced at calming baby!

Do I need to bring any props or clothing for the photoshoot?

Unless you have anything specific that you would like added to the photographs, don’t worry. I have a variety of props, wraps, backdrops, baskets, and hats. Equally, if you would rather, I use no props, that is perfectly fine. If you would like family photos with your baby, which I would highly recommend, then it is ideal to wear light, toning colours avoiding patterns.

Newborn babies in buckets and props

Newborn babies with props

What if my baby won’t sleep?

Sometimes on arrival, baby will wake up whilst being undressed and wrapped ready for the shoot. This is totally fine and nothing to worry about. If baby is still awake after a feed then we can continue the photoshoot regardless and the images will feature your baby’s beautiful eyes, these are some of the loveliest photos. The images captured will be perfect whether your baby is awake or asleep.

Are the positions for my baby’s pose, safe?

Your baby’s safety is the number one priority. So, when positioning your baby into different poses amongst props and backdrops, this is kept at the forefront of my mind. I have been fully trained by one of the UK’s leading baby photographers and have captured images of over a hundred babies so have plenty of experience.

How long does a newborn photoshoot last?

The full newborn session can last between 2-4 hours. It is worth allowing the extra time just incase baby is unsettled. If you are under time pressure you won’t relax and baby will pick up on that. It sounds like a long time but trust me it goes super quick and it’s a lovely relaxing time to just kick back and relax knowing baby is in safe hands.

Newborn baby photoshoot

How long will it take to get my images back?

The images will need to be edited and so the length of time will vary depending on how much editing is required. As soon as I have finished editing all the images, I will let you know straight away this is usually 2-3 weeks. You will then have access to all the images, which are uploaded to an online password protected gallery, from here you choose the images you would like to purchase. You can then of course share these with family and friends.

Are you ready to book your newborn baby photoshoot?

I hope this has answered any questions you may have had when not knowing what to expect. If you do have any other questions that I haven’t answered here, then please do contact me anytime. I am happy to discuss any questions or requirements.

Be rest assured,  you will have a wonderful time and will be very pleased with the finished images. I really do look forward to welcoming you into my home and getting to meet your new precious little baby.

“We recently had newborn and family photos with Fiona, the pictures are beautiful and we all really enjoyed the day. Highly recommended!” – Gemma