As a portrait photographer it is my job to capture beautiful portraits of your children for you to look back on for years to come.  Of equal importance is that they will get to look back on the photos too and be able to show them to their children. I am therefore passionate about my clients printing their images and presenting them in a way that will stand the test of time. That is why I have recently changed the way I work to include prints and beautiful handmade framed images and luxury albums to help preserve these precious memories. I have put together The Birthday Portraits Package to capture the pre-school years of your child presented in a beautiful coffee table book.

Baby photography

I have always kept photo albums of my children and they each have a “life book” with photographs from birth right through the school years and all their birthdays (my son was delighted when I got his out on his 18th birthday!) Every month I even print off my favourite iPhone images to keep. It breaks my heart to think that people so often just store images electronically, how will these images be viewed by your grandchildren in years to come?

How many baby photos do people keep on the computer and never print them out? Or worse still lose them… don’t let that be you!

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So many of my wonderful milestones families said to me at the end of their first year  “what next?” and so I thought I would put together The Birthday Portraits package as a great follow-on to document their further growth including all those changes in the pre-school years.

This package is ideal as a follow on from the Milestones package and can start on the second birthday (Milestones package includes newborn, sitting and first birthday sessions). However if you haven’t taken part in the Milestones package you can always begin the birthday portraits package on baby’s first birthday instead.

The package consists of four sessions each on or around baby’s birthday for the first five years. This is a wonderful way to document those first five years when baby (yes they are still your baby at 5!) is changing, growing, learning and evolving into a little mini version of you right before your eyes.

You will receive a beautiful hand bound coffee table book at the end with images of your choice from the first five years. What a wonderful keepsake to have. 

First Birthday photo shoot