How you project yourself really counts in the business world. Personal branding acts as that all important first impression online and gives visitors to your social media or website a great insight into who you are as a brand and as a business.

 Photography for personal branding is exactly that- photography that helps to reflect your individual personality. It is a commercial lifestyle photoshoot aimed at small businesses. What is the importance of personal branding photography? We will explore below.

 It helps to breathe personality into your online presence.

Personal branding photography

Personal branding photography helps to breathe life into your online presence. Are you after a way to showcase your unique personality online? Do you want a way to tell your story which goes beyond the affinity of your brand’s name?

The use of personal branding photos shows your audience exactly what you do, what you stand for and helps create a more personal connection. As a business, you are then far more appealing to your ideal client as they feel that they know you on a deeper level.

 When it comes to owning a business, you are your brand. It is what makes you and your business unique, and interesting. We all need a USP. Your personal branding photoshoot will endeavour to find your USP and make it shine brightly, capturing your audience’s attention.

 Having your unique personality shining through on your online platforms, whether it’s your website or social media, allows your audience to connect more through eye catching, beautiful photography. People buy from people, have you heard that expression before? Customers love to know who is behind the message.

It allows you to stand out from the competition.

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 Do you want a way in which you can get an edge on the competition? How many of your competitors have personal branding photography which they are showcasing online? Or are you seeing the same stock photos used repetitively?

 When your target audience is scrolling through websites and social media, it is important that they see a clear and concise message about why they should buy from you and not your competition. As personal branding photography is more eye catching, and more personal, this will engage your audience more and give you that lead.

 Let’s think about this from a slightly different perspective- if you were browsing an online shop, be it for gifts or for clothes; imagine if that website was using stock photos rather than the real deal- would you feel comfortable buying that clothing? Thought not. We buy with our eyes, seeing is believing. If people can see you, they will more likely want to buy from you rather than your competitors.

Stock or low-quality images may be a deterrent.

Personal branding photography

By using a professional photographer for your personal branding, you will have high-quality images to be able to share across your platforms. Whereas using low-quality images, or repetitive stock images may end up disconnecting your audience.

 Do you want your images to look like they’ve come from the same cookie cutter? Or would you prefer to showcase ones which are not only unique, but 100% yours. It’s important to keep your images updated too.

 You can create a seamless online presence.

 Your unique personal images can be used for both website and social media platforms. This reinforces your brand. You can also build credibility this way. Audiences will see exactly who is behind the business, and then will remember you for being an expert or the go to person in your field.

 By having the seamless application of personal branding across the online platforms, you can create authenticity as your audience can see the real you. It doesn’t allow business owners to create a fake persona that is not their genuine self.

 Do you want a way to create fulfilment and meaning within your branding? Your passion, skills, goals and values are all displayed with your personal branding.

 Personal branding photography builds trust in your audience.

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 If you have personal branding, you are really showing your audience clear and genuine messages. Your audience respectively then gets to build their trust in you and therefore is more likely to go to you rather than a competitor. Having your own photo on your website and social media allows the audience to really get to know you, making them feel more at ease and comfortable coming to you. Personal branding also allows you to build on connections.

 It also shows your audience that you take your brand and your job role very seriously. Your brand presence gives any potential clients that inspiring first impression.

It helps you to gain confidence.

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 Those that use personal branding photography also gain confidence whilst they are developing their brand. By putting yourself on display for all to see, you are allowing people to see your positive qualities and strengths and then they can choose to use you.

 Feeling self-conscious at the thought of it? By baring all, you may feel self-conscious to begin with, but over time your confidence will soar and you will ooze it during any client meetings. By allowing a photographer to capture the strengths of you and your business, you can set the right impression.


Personal branding photography in a nutshell.

 As you can see from the above, personal branding allows you to confidently share with your audience your unique, authentic self. Through the use of stunning photographs which really showcase your personality and who you are, as a person and as a business. Forget the low-quality stock images, really stand out from your competitors that allow you to share your story and connect on a deeper level. This can then allow for a seamless, professional quality online presence.

If you are ready to breathe life into your business with some stunning on brand images then call me now 07854 442391 or email info@fionamooreyphotography.com I would love to chat with you.