Parley Manor Wedding ~ This was a lovely recomendation that was written by a  groom from 2009

“Fiona was our Wedding photographer in 2009 and did a fantastic job for us from start to finish. Fiona was so easy to get along with and that made the relationship very workable. Anna and I felt we could say what we wanted and that we could question and challenge without feeling in any way awkward. Fiona was also great at guiding us when we didnt know what we needed too! So a perfect balance for us as a couple. Fiona was incredibly discreet to the point we were almost unaware of her moving around us taking natural ‘in the moment’ shots which we now cherish as memories of the happiest day of our lives. webhosting info I would recommend Fiona every time for weddings and having seen her portfolio Fiona would be great for any photography shoot. Did I mention the rates were very reasonable too! always a bonus!”