Unless you’re a model, there are very few times in your life that you find yourself in front of the lens of a camera. It’s usually special occasions like your wedding, baby’s Christening, or a family portrait. And these are all treasured memories, each recording a significant moment in your life – but there’s no shoot more important than the very first one of your baby – your newborn photoshoot.

And here’s why…

Newborn baby photoshoot

Babies Get Big. Quick

It seems impossible that your teeny-tiny bindle will become a walking, talking person. In those first days, they’re so small; you can’t imagine how they’ll change. But they do – almost before your very eyes. Their little cheeks fill out, and their eyes become more alert, and before you know it, your delicate little sparrow is a chubby baby that’s learning to move.

Capturing those first days of life is precious. You lock in those memories of just how small your baby began their life.

Phone Pics Aren’t The Same

Now, I’m not saying you should stop snapping every possible moment of your new bundle of joy – I highly encourage you to fill your phone storage full to the brim with those moments. Because every photo becomes part of their story. First taste of food? That’s one for the album. First steps? That too!

And the hundreds of beautiful moments in between. But when it comes to newborn photography, nothing your phone can do will parallel a professional studio newborn session. And it’s not just the camera that makes the difference; it’s every aspect.

newborn baby on pink blanket

Studio lighting means that all the tiny details, from your baby’s soft dusting of eyelashes to their heart-breakingly sweet rosebud mouth and minuscule fingernails, will be seen in the photos. The lighting isn’t so harsh that it washes out your baby’s skin tone, nor so dark you can’t make out their fine hair. Each set-up requires specific lighting to ensure your newborn photos capture the magic that’s your new baby.

Studio set-up

Newborn photography done in a professional photography studio means that there are so many options to hand. From backdrops to props, to warmth to lighting, opting for a studio over your home gives you and your baby a better experience.


Now, this is a biggie. Not all newborn photographers have training in newborn photography, but when you’re handling something so precious as a baby, you need to know what you’re doing.

Those cute, snuggly poses you see babies in? Those take a good understanding of a baby’s body to make sure there’s no strain put on those brand-new muscles and joints. I trained with one of the UK’s leading newborn photographers because I believe only the highest standards should be in place.

Newborn baby props

These Photos Are For The Future

While you’re probably thinking about looking at your gorgeous baby photos now, these frozen moments in time are also there for your baby to see when they’re much older. We all love looking back at ourselves as infants and children, even when those photos are curling prints from a roll of 35mm photo film!

For your baby, they’ll have crystal clear images to look at, to compare to all their milestone photos (see, taking all those phone pics IS handy!). And because you’ll receive the digital images, once you save them, they’ll be safe for decades to come, so even your children’s grandchildren can have a look!

They Star You

If you think getting a newborn to pose is hard, wait till you see how hard it is for the parents! So many mums and dads cringe at the thought of being in newborn photos, but trust me, you have never looked so glorious.

You may be just a few days post-partum, and as a mum myself, I know what a rollercoaster those days are. But nothing will ever capture the exquisite beauty of the depth of your love for your new baby. There’s something so pure and magical about simply holding your child and looking upon their face – and that’s what I have the pleasure of documenting.

I make the experience as stress-free as possible for all of you so you feel relaxed and ready for your photo to be taken. And I promise, not a single newborn photography session goes by without me seeing the devotion and connection a parent has with their little one. It truly lights up an image.

I love capturing the bond between parents, little siblings and the latest addition to the family.

Parents and siblings

A Newborn Photoshoot Creates Unique Art

Over the years as a parent, you’ll collect so many photos of your child. Every passing year will be documented in the obligatory school photo, from the cheeky, gappy smiles of infanthood through to the awkward, teen-angst not-smiles of secondary school. Your first photos will start that visual timeline that will adorn every grandparent’s walls and mantlepieces.

But before you get to the cheesy school photos stage, you’ll have your stunning newborn images to enjoy. A professional newborn photoshoot results in the most beautiful pictures that you’ll want to look at every day – and you can! Your photos can be put onto canvas or professional-quality photographic paper.

A Newborn Photoshoot Is The First Family Photoshoot You’ll Have

So there you have it, the reasons why I think that your newborn photoshoot is the most important one you’ll have.

I love taking photos of babies. Nothing quite matches the feeling of adoration in the room. If you’re thinking about newborn photography for your impending arrival, then I’d love to talk to you about it.

The shoot typically happens within the first three weeks – this is the ideal time to get those scrunchy baby images. But if you’ve had your baby and they’re a few weeks old already, don’t worry! My newborn photoshoots are for any age; I just adapt the poses to suit your little one.

You can read my blog all about what to expect from your newborn photoshoot here, and if you’d like to book your baby in for a newborn session, you can call me on 07854 442391 or visit my website to leave your details.

newborn baby in a basket with her sister kneeling by