Congratulations to Rachel and Daryl for their wedding on 3rd September 2011.

It was a beautiful day that started at Daryl’s family home in Boulder in the New Forest where Rachel and the bridesmaids were able to get ready in the beautiful in house beauty salon courtesy of Alison. Rachel arrived at church in a glass carriage drawn by 4 magnificent horses. The ceremony was in St john the Baptist Church in Boulder, in the heart of the forest.

We played a game of cat and mouse following thwe carriage through the forest to the Balmer Lawn in Brokenhurst. This photo was taken through the moving car wind screen!

We soon caught up with them and sped (quite literally , thanks to my second camera Sue Lloyd) ahead so I could jump out and take another shot as they flew by.

We eventually arrived safe and sound at the Balmer lawn in Brokenhurst where we had great fun taking photos of Rachel and Daryl’s huge number of friends.

Then some time alone for Rachel & Daryl.

Here are some highlights from the day…enjoy!