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5 reasons for having a professional headshot taken

  1. You will stand out from the crowd – When potential clients or business contacts are scrolling through Linkedin, other social media websites or your own website, a professional headshot on your profile will always stand out from one that is obviously taken on a phone. It shows you take your profession and your position seriously.
  2. It tells your story – It is important that your headshot reflects you and your personality. Your professional headshot needs to keep in with your brand. Consider it as being like the logo of your brand.
  3. First impressions are everything – If you have never met your business contact then your headshot will form part of your first impression. Make sure it is a good one.
  4. Be memorable – By including a memorable professional headshot in your social media, people will be able to put a face to a name. You instantly become more memorable which will be extremely rewarding for your business in the long run.
  5. You will look the part – If you want to be treated like a professional then you must look the part.


Now you know that you need a professional headshot and the value it will bring to your business, you need to think about the type of headshot you need. I offer three different types of headshot sessions so there is something to suit every business and budget.

The personal branding headshot  –  A more comprehensive studios session including props. 45 mins – 5 digital images

The location headshot – At a location of your choice, 30 mins – 5 digital images.

The studio headshot – A simple studio session 30 minutes- 3 digital images.

You can add on a flat lay image package to any of the headshot packages for an extra £50 with 5 additional images, resized to fit social media of your choice including .banners

This is a useful  blog which may help you decide. Studio headshot v location headshot.



“I recently asked Fiona to do some headshots for my new business as first impressions count! I absolutely hate the idea of my picture being taken and didn’t have a clue how to pose but Fiona instantly put me at ease. I hardly knew the photos were being taken. Relaxed and professional and more importantly I love the photos of me!”

Kimberley McCarthy

McCarthy Brown book keeping


Personal branding Headshots 

This session is a headshot with a difference, injecting a little of your brand personality, these images or great to use on social media and on your website. The session takes place in my studio but with the use of props and a desk set up.

You can bring personalised or branded props and even books for the windowsill or a picture for the wall.

I can also add a variety of flat lay images which are taken from over head and feature your business card and other personal or branded items to show your brand personality (additional cost of £50 for 5 edited resized images)

Cost of the session is £125 to include:

  • 45 minute session
  • Change of clothes if required
  • At my home studio in Ferndown
  • Use of props, desk set up
  • 5 high and low resolution images chosen from an online gallery of 10-15 images delivered via digital download.


If you would like to chat about your session or if you have any questions then please contact me here.



personal branding headshot

“Highly recommend. Calm, professional and I got exactly what I wanted – a collection of high quality headshots for my business. Five ⭐️ recommendation”

Claire Richards

Dorset Coast Wills


Location Headshots

Each business is unique, and some can require a different style of photography, or setting. Location headshots or environmental portraits as they are sometimes referred to are exactly that, headshots taken in your environment whether that is at your place of work or just outside in a park or at the beach.

These are taken using natural light with the occasional use of flash, so can appear to be softer and more relaxed. The experience can be more relaxed too as you are in your own environment or outside with nature. 

The cost of the session is £135 to include:

  • 30 minute session
  • change of clothes if required
  • use of props
  • location of your choice within 10 miles of Ferndown
  • Online password protected gallery featuring 10-15 fully edited images
  • Your choice of 5 high and low resolution images delivered via digital download.


If you would like to chat about your session or if you have any questions then please contact me here.




location headshot photography

“For anyone who dreads posing for a professional headshot, don’t put it off any longer! I absolutely HATE having my photo taken but I had a new website and other social media channels which desperately needed a professional photograph added to them. I had met Fiona several times at various networking events and had seen examples of her amazing photos of tiny babies, family shots, headshots and weddings and knew that she would be the one I’d go to when I was ready. So I made the appointment and was very nervous when I arrived. However, Fiona has a very relaxed way about her and would engage in conversation, alter my position and take photos more or less without me realising it. And the results were amazing! It was difficult to choose the final 3 photos if I’m honest. Fiona also offered a selection of flat lay branding images which she set up using my business card. I didn’t realise I needed one but once I saw them I couldn’t resist and again this branding image will enhance my business presence. So thank you Fiona, you produced great results and I recommend you wholeheartedly to everyone.”

Dawn Roffe

Virtual PA, A New Dawn


Studio Headshots

Studio headshots have a clean simple and consistent style to them, they are taken using artificial light against a plain backdrop, usually neutral in colour, white or grey are popular. Some people prefer the privacy or a studio and may feel more self conscious posing in an outdoor setting especially in a public area. Studio headshots can appear to be more professional and corporate but can also be relaxed sessions where I will use a chair or a stool.

Cost of the session is £95 to include:

  • 30 minute session
  • Change of clothes if required
  • At my home studio in Ferndown
  • 3 high and low resolution images delivered via digital download.


If you would like to chat about your session or if you have any questions then please contact me here.




studio headshot photography

“I have known for years that I needed to get some professional headshots done but (like most people) I don’t really like having my photo taken, so I put it off and put it off. I met Fiona at a networking event and had a really good feeling about her straightaway. We booked a session at her studio and the whole process was painless and even enjoyable. Fiona ensured I was relaxed and took the time to find out about my business and what I was looking for from my headshots. I was really pleased with the resulting images and proceeded to use them everywhere! I would certainly recommend Fiona for headshots or other photography to represent your business in a professional and creative manner.”

Louise Seagar

The Inspiration Agency


Flat Lay Photography

Flat lay photographs have never been more popular. They are photos taken from directly above featuring on brand props which tell the story of your brand personality ( a great example is at the top of the page). You can include your business card, scrabble tiles, fresh flowers, books, keyboard. Make yours unique.

You don’t even need to be present for this shoot, you can drop off props or post your business card and I will work my magic.

Cost of the session is £75 (£50 as an add on to another shoot) to include:

  • 30 minute session
  • use of props
  • At my home studio in Ferndown
  • 5 high and low resolution images delivered via digital download.
  • Resized to your specified social media platform to use as banners and posts. 


If you would like to chat about your session or if you have any questions then please contact me here.




flat lay photography for business
Flat lay photography


What you can expect from your studio headshot session

  • On arrival we will spend 5 minutes chatting about your business, your brand and the style of headshot that you are after. Your session will last for 30 minutes.
  • I will take several shots with different expressions. You can then look at the back of the camera and choose your favourite 3 images.
  • You can bring a simple change of clothes, if you wish. Sometimes just a change of jacket or the addition of a scarf is enough to change your look.
  • When the session is finished I will then edit the images and send them over to you via “WeTransfer” with black and white versions if you wish.
  • The cost of the session and all three high-resolution digital images is £75. This should be paid prior to the session via BACS using your name/company as a reference.


How you can prepare for your headshot session

  • Have a think about how you would like your headshot to look, what you believe fits with your brand and what image you would like to portray. For example professional and corporate, or friendly and relaxed or perhaps you would like a mixture?
  • Do you have a favourite side or expression? It might help to practise in a mirror and look at different expressions.
  • Choose a selection of clothes to wear or bring, based on what reflects your personality, style of headshot and branding. We will have time for one change of clothes. Solid colours generally work well, try and avoid too many bold patterns. Keep it simple.
  • Make sure your hair is cut and styled to your personal choice. It is a good idea to bring a brush or comb for a last minute tidy and a lipstick or makeup to touch up.


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