I do love an English Country Wedding and Deans Court wedding photography is always a pleasure. Set in Wimborne, Deans Court is a perfect quintessentially English wedding venue. A marquee set in the beautiful grounds of a private country house on the outskirts of Wimborne Minster. A perfect choice to celebrate the marriage of Lucy and Paul who after a twenty year relationship and two teenage children later they decided to tie the knot, so romantic. Lucy began the day in the little cottage in the grounds with her daughter and family, Prosecco and laughter flowed in equal proportions and the day was underway.

Bournemouth Wedding Photography

Bridal preperations at Plum Cottage

 Despite a little attempt at rain we all arrived at Wimborne town Hall to greet the guests for the wedding ceremony. Paul didn’t take his eyes off Lucy the whole ceremony smiling form ear to ear. A few tears were shed, especially following a very moving personal reading from Lucy and Paul’s daughter to her parents, that even got me going.

Bournemouth Wedding Photographer

Ceremony at Wimborne Town Hall

Following the ceremony the guests enjoyed a glass or two of Prosecco and more laughter in the Jubilee gardens, despite the odd shower which I have to say didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.

Bournemouth wedding Photography

Wimborne Town Hall drinks reception.

The colour scheme at the marquee was to die for. Dressed by Kelly-Marie the recommended florist for Deans Court Beautiful peaches and cream with a touch of rose gold and blush, so fitting for the beautiful setting of a Deans Court Wedding. Complete with a naked cake and a traditional sweet cart. Jonathon and the rest of the wonderful staff at Deans Court were there to welcome the guests with a drink.

Dene's Cort Wimborne Marquee wedding

Beautifully dressed marquee at Deans Court

As a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer my favourite part of any wedding are the couple shots, when the couple are alone for the first time. As the wedding photographer I tend to hang back with a long lens and let the couple enjoy their time together away from the crowds this can lead to some lovely intimate photographs as they chat and enjoy comparing notes about the day so far.

Bournemouth wedding photographer couple shots

Couple shots in the grounds of Deans Court

The speeches that follow every wedding reception vary enormously, these were among my favourites from family and old friends with so much history to talk about as Lucy and Paul had been together for so long. These were very emotional and once again got the better of me as I tried to discreetly wipe away a tear whilst continuing to capture the ever rapidly changing shift between tears and laughter. 

Bournemouth Wedding Photography speeches

The speeches

Whenever the weather and light allows I like to briefly take the happy couple off alone again in order to capture some more romantic photos in the evening light.

Bournemouth wedding photographer at Dene's Court

Beautiful evening sunshine in the gardens

As a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, I see many couples, all of whom are in love, friendly and warm and it is always a wonderful atmosphere to work in, however sometimes you meet a couple with whom you have a special connection and this was one of those weddings, from our first meeting Lucy and Paul and I all got on so well and it was genuinely a pleasure to work with them and their wonderful families. I just love to work with Deans Court too, such a professional setup and just beautiful surroundings. I do love to cover Deans Court Wedding Photography.

Bournemouth wedding photography first dance

The first dance