The 5 Benefits of Having a Micro Wedding

There is no doubt about it, the global pandemic has changed life as we know it. With lockdown restrictions changing life for everyone this past year, have there been any benefits? What are the positives we can take from having limited numbers at special occasions? One of the big changes over the past year has been how marriage is celebrated. This blog will explore the five benefits of having a micro wedding.

Micro Weddings are becoming ever more popular. Although we have been forced to only go ahead with weddings during the pandemic with very limited numbers, some couples have been surprised to find that there are many perks to having a small gathering at their wedding.

With all the changes we have had to endure over the past year, we have had the opportunity to realise exactly what is important to us. Many couples are now beginning to really consider what’s key on their wedding day.

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What is a Micro Wedding?

Firstly, what does a micro wedding actually look like? A micro wedding is classed as a wedding with less than 20 guests. It’s generally smaller than an ‘intimate’ or ‘small’ wedding and is usually shorter, as some of the elements from a traditional wedding such as the first dance and formal speeches are eliminated. Some people choose a micro wedding as a lower cost option, but there are many more benefits.

Micro weddings commonly consist of the ceremony and then the all-important photos of the happy couple and the family who have attended. Couples then have the option to keep it short or add whichever elements they would like to their celebrations. Unlike an ‘elopement’, a micro wedding isn’t done in secret or rushed, it’s a fully planned wedding with just a smaller guest list and timeline.

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What are the Benefits of Having a Micro Wedding?

  1. Intimacy on your special day.

Big Weddings can be busy. In fact, many couples can struggle to spend more than five minutes speaking individually with their wedding guests. Micro weddings allow for deeper connections and couples can spend more time with their guests, making them feel more valued.

What’s more, many venues offer options of multi-day hire meaning that your wedding day can be a wedding weekend to share with your loved ones. What a beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of your life together as a couple!

  1. Micro Weddings can be far more relaxing.

Organising a wedding can be somewhat… hectic. With all the different aspects to think about, things can soon become quite chaotic, especially in the run-up to your big day. Micro weddings require less planning and less chasing of the different suppliers, as well as figuring out which of your guests can make it and deciding seating arrangements etc.

A small wedding consists of fewer features and gives the couple a chance to focus on planning the aspects that are most important to them. Big weddings can be stressful and it’s no surprise that more couples are beginning to consider the benefit of having a smaller and more relaxing wedding.

  1. More flexibility, less stress.

A typically stressful aspect of planning a wedding is trying to get a vast number of people to the same space at the same time. Not all your guests will be able to make the same time and you’ll most likely need to book on a weekend.

With a micro wedding, there’s more flexibility to choose a date that suits you and you may then have a broader choice of venues. There are many venues that specialise in more intimate weddings now too.

  1. A more personalised wedding

A big guest list can sometimes limit the amount to which couples can personalise their wedding day. Firstly, a venue that’s big enough needs to be considered, ruling out several beautiful locations that might be more suited to the couple.

Rather than the traditional ‘package wedding’ where many aspects are generic, couples can have free rein over their decor and create the atmosphere they want. Micro weddings offer more of an opportunity for a wedding that doesn’t compromise on style.

  1. It can offer a great guest experience

Quality over quantity. Many couples believe that making sure their guests are happy and taken care of is a top priority. With a micro wedding, it’s easier to focus on creating a good atmosphere and offering an amazing experience for guests.

When you opt for a smaller wedding, your budget can be re-allocated. You can choose options that would make up your dream wedding rather than having to spend out on a large venue and limiting the things you really don’t want to compromise on.

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Are There Disadvantages to Having a Micro Wedding?

The biggest struggle couples tend to face when opting for a small wedding, is the potential pushback from family and friends. Guests who aren’t invited might feel upset and you may feel guilty for having a small gathering.

It might help to share photos of your wedding on social media to alleviate any disappointment. This way, your friends can see that your wedding was a private occasion. They can share in the joy by seeing your photos, who doesn’t love looking at wedding photos?

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A Micro Wedding May be the Perfect Style Wedding for You

There are many benefits to having a micro wedding, and it may be the perfect style of wedding for you. Yes, it offers a lower-cost alternative to a big lavish wedding. However, as you can see in the benefits above, it helps a couple to home in on what is truly important. 

At the end of the day, weddings are supposed to be a time to enjoy and celebrate. With you surrounded by those you love and those who love you. It is a time to celebrate your love and to begin the exciting adventure of marriage together.

Of course, it is still important to document this truly beautiful occasion. I offer special wedding photography packages for micro weddings. If you do decide that this is the wedding for you, get in touch with Fiona Moorey Photography today.