As a Bournemouth Newborn Photographer I am often approached by parents seeking an alternative to the full newborn session, parents who just want a couple of really lovely images of their newborn baby without the expense and time of a full session. I pride myself on offering a bespoke service tailored to your needs so I have decided to launch a mini session to cater for these parents. 

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Newborn Mini-Sessions

How will the session be different from a full newborn photography session?

The session will only last for an hour instead of the four hours we allow for a full newborn session.

If baby is still asleep when you arrive I will start with some simple posing on my newborn posing beanbag. I will happily use headbands and hats if required but no other props will be offered as this is a simple session. I am aiming to provide you with 5 beautiful images capturing your baby in those first few days when they are still so tiny. With a full session I will use several different backdrops and set ups with a couple of different basket shots aiming to provide a variety of images for you to choose from.

In a full newborn session I will ask you to put off feeding before you arrive, where possible, so when baby is fed and winded they will often go into a deep sleep which is necessary for those sleepy posed shots. This can take an hour in itself so is not possible with a mini session. Instead, I will ask you to feed baby before you arrive so we can get straight on with the photographs. Sometimes, baby will settle quickly and we can still achieve those lovely posed shots, but sometimes baby will not settle, so we can then wrap baby in a beautiful wrap and take some photos with eyes open which are equally as lovely but we may not achieve the little naked bum in the air poses we all love so much, these take time to achieve and baby needs to be fast asleep.

Bournemouth Newborn Photography mini sessions

Simple newborn mini sessions

Following the full newborn session you will be invited back to view your images. You will view over 20 images from which you can choose your packages of digital images and beautiful framed products. With a mini session I will only edit the five images that I think are the best and they will be emailed to you as high resolution images with full printing rights. You can of course still choose to buy some of my beautiful frames and canvases if you so wish.

Oh and the price of course. The newborn mini session is just £195; this includes the session fee and 5 high resolution digital images emailed to you. This is paid in advance on booking and is nonrefundable.

So the choice is yours. But you can be reassured that whatever package you decide to choose will consist of the same high level of service and photography skills.

If you would like to chat through your options with me then please do not hesitate to drop me a line and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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Bournemouth Photography newborn mini session